Cloud Services


“Speed to Market” is a critical driver for today’s businesses. As a result, IT departments are increasingly relied upon to support their organization’s drive towards innovation and competitiveness.  This requires IT to be more agile than ever; particularly as IT delivers advanced services and underlying infrastructure at an accelerated pace.  Making this dichotomy even more challenging, IT teams are being challenged with limited resources and budgets. By leveraging Cloud Services, IT departments now have the ability to easily extend their infrastructure and deliver advanced and innovative offerings to their company.

NuSpective Solutions will help you:

  • Navigate the evolving and dynamic landscape of Cloud providers available today and match the best service offering to your unique technical and budgetary requirements.
  • Demonstrate how Cloud Services can deliver ground-breaking capabilities and open up new possibilities for your organization.
  • Design and deliver the appropriate Cloud Services for your business so these innovative services can be rapidly deployed in a more managed, secure and compliant manner.
  • Manage and execute your cloud infrastructure project with migration and implementation support.  We do this with experienced engineers and defined processes.

Common Use Scenarios for Cloud Services designed by NuSpective Solution:

  • Infrastructure Scaling is a great way to leverage Cloud Services. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings allow for quick expansion and scaling of IT infrastructure without the traditional lead times, resources, and costs needed to build them out.
  • Test and Dev Environments are example of key areas that benefit from Cloud Services. Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings provide development environments that can be quickly provisioned and scaled with ease; this results in the acceleration of product development and a competitive advantage for the business.
  • Archive Data can typically become cumbersome to manage and protect. Now, IT can securely and cost-effectively store archive data in a Cloud Storage service minimizing the need to manage this data.
  • Disaster Recovery resources are costly to setup and typically end up sitting idle. A Virtual DR (VDR) cloud service enables you to achieve disaster recovery capabilities without the need to build out and manage expensive environments.
  • Collaboration benefits tremendously from cloud services. Users can now easily share and work on a common set of files simultaneously and across multiple locations.  This drives significant efficiencies as well as helps accelerate projects.