Data Management


Managing and protecting your data is one of the most important duties of the IT department. The underlying storage infrastructure must be designed for scale and system usability to minimize the long term impact on the IT budget and staff resources.

NuSpective Solutions will help you:

  • Devise an “end-state” storage strategy that can be implemented incrementally so that costs can be managed across multiple budget cycles.
  • Design a high performance tier using the latest Solid State and Flash technologies.
  • Reduce the overall cost of data storage by introducing Storage Efficiency technologies.
  • Develop and implement a Multi-Tiered Storage design that aligns cost with performance.
  • Implement disk-based Backup and Archive Strategies that enable you to satisfy your long term retention policies and compliance requirements.
  • Establish a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity plan that meets your recovery time objectives and budget.
  • Execute with an experienced implementation, migration and integration team using proven methodologies.

Common Use Scenarios for Storage Solutions designed by NuSpective Solutions:

  • Accelerate Performance by employing solid-state and flash storage technologies.  These technologies can be delivered in multiple forms and provide a significant performance boost to your application workloads.  Common types such as: Solid State Drives (SSD),  Flash Cache and I/O Cards are all designed to bring your data closer to your applications that demand high IOPS.  
  • Storage Efficiency is achieved by employing storage efficiency technologies, such as de-duplication and compressions, and can be further enhanced by using advanced technologies such as Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and Zero-Cost Clones.
  • Clustered Storage arrays configured for continuously available storage and systems.
  • Unified Storage is accomplished by incorporating a system that accommodates multiple protocols (ie:  iSCSI, Fiber Channel, NFS and CIFS)
  • Eliminate Tape or significant reduce any recovery dependencies on tape by implementing disk-based backup solutions.
  • Big Data storage solutions help you scale and protect you Object-Based Storage with greater efficiency and intelligence. Using a Storage Grid configuration you can store Big Data in a multi-site, global object namespace. At the same time reducing your space requirement by 65% versus traditional methods.
  • Virtual DR is a smart solution for businesses that require fast recovery in the event of a disaster; yet don’t have the resources to build and operate a stand-by replica of their primary datacenter.