Big Data

Unstructured data (File and Object Storage) is expected grow by 10x over the next 5 years creating a whole new data management challenge for IT organizations. This type of data growth is creating scalability challenges; particularly as your business requires access of this content across multiple geographies.

Implement a Distributed Content Repository or Storage Grid solution to support your Big Data Hadoop Cluster more reliably, more efficiently and more intelligently.
Manage billions of object across multiple sites.
Reduce space by requirements by up to 65% with modular, dense storage.
Protect your Big Data with self healing infrastructure and encryption.
Building a wide, scalable, cost efficient Hadoop cluster can be very daunting without the help of expert partners.

NuSpective you will help you determine the correct choice when considering your options for Big Data data management. NuSpective Solutions and its ecosystem of partners can help.