USE CASE: Public Cloud Infrastructure for Dev/Test

Cloud ServicesThe Customer

Provider of Streaming and On-Demand Video Content with a global distribution model. Majority of its employee, development and production resources residing outside North America.

Pain Points

Problem #1:  Dev/Test environment on fixed hardware lacked agility & geographic availability:  

  • Both the development and sales teams were demanding higher resource availability and performance that the legacy internal hardware infrastructure could not deliver. Both groups demanded more agility; the ability to near-instantly create virtual machines, with a range of performance characteristics and operating systems, to support various international projects and product demonstrations.

Problem #2:  Application deployment processes were hypervisor-dependent and required many manual steps.      

  • The customer’s business model required global deployments of the application stack in support of business development efforts.  Each deployment site presented unique infrastructure profiles which exposed the lack of portability and agility of the existing infrastructure design.
  • Additionally, each deployment required customization which resulted in cumbersome, manual processes.

Business Value

  • Faster time to market; new product release reduced from 4 months to 2 weeks.
  • Customer responsiveness improved; demonstrations of latency sensitive application available around the globe in minutes versus months.
  • Developer recruitment improved; recruitment pool for new S/W Dev talent now global versus regional.

Solution Design

Solution #1:  Move Dev/Test environment to a Public Cloud Infrastructure

NuSpective provided a Public Cloud infrastructure design to support Dev/Test that was far more agile and accessible and at the same time easily scalable to other geographic regions globally.

  • Problems Solved: 
    • Dev/Test environment was successfully migrated from a fixed, aging, hardware design that was tethered to a single geographic location.
    • Application development talent & skills could be leveraged from anywhere in the world for specific projects based on the needs of the business rather than location of the resource.
    • Business Development teams could now demonstrate the product for customers, or at trade shows, around the globe within minutes rather than months.
  • Benefits Added:
    • Customer’s service launch timetable reduced from 4 months to 2 weeks.
    • Developing products across multiple OS disciplines was now as simple as point-and-click.
    • By using an open architecture, the dependence on specific infrastructure was eliminated
    • A foundation was established for deploying Production Environments using Hybrid Private/Public Cloud designs. 

NuSpective engineered a successful Public Cloud solution that met the customer’s requirements for higher agility, scale and control while still meeting their IT department’s requirements regarding security and network design.

Solution #2:  Re-architect the Dev/Test environment using OpenStack

The engineering teams at NuSpective and the Cloud Service Provider partners helped the customer convert the existing Dev/Test environment to OpenStack

Suggestion:  To achieve greater portability and speed for application deployments, the NuSpective Engineering team recommended that the customer migrate their Dev/Test environment to an OpenStack platform.

  • Problem Solved:
    • The ability to use a consistent framework to deploy their application stack across multiple hypervisors provided the exact portability that the customer needed
    • Leveraging the Configuration Management Module in OpenStack, the customer was able to streamline their deployment process.
  • Benefits Added:
    • The Application stack could now be deployed to almost any cloud, anywhere in the world.
    • The Application stack could be deployed and ready to use within minutes.