Network & Security

Network & SecurityAs your data becomes more geographically diverse, network performance and security becomes increasingly critical to your success. 

NuSpective Solutions will help you:

  • Design your WAN strategy to include WAN Optimization solutions that provides more efficient and cost-saving methods to improve the performance of your business applications across your network to globally distributed work centers and users.
  • Procure the optimal WAN connectivity between end points with particular attention to specific application performance needs, site level workloads, and sizing the appropriate link size.
  • Design and implement Next Generation Firewall solutions that provide integrated security services including traditional Firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, URL Filtering, and Virus/Malware Protection so your business is protected against real-time security threats.
  • Integrate a Virtualized Switch Fabric solution for your data center infrastructure.
  • Manage the implementation of your next generation WAN Optimization and Security solutions with experienced professional service teams to ensure success.

Common Use Scenarios for Network & Security Solutions designed by NuSpective Solutions: 

  • Next-Generation Firewall solutions consolidate your silos of legacy security appliances.  Many legacy firewalls, which use stateful inspection for policy decisions, are rendered ineffective against today’s threats. The Next-Gen Firewall combines application, user, and content aware technologies to provide an integrated and much more robust security solution.
  • Wan Optimization to Improve Replication Times for your DR replication – our customers have realized up to a 20x reduction in time required to replicate their data once implement.
  • Load Balance Traffic for Web and Distributed Workloads to greatly improve your applications performance and availability. Our customers have set up both local and global load balancing to ensure application availability and optimal performance.
  • Real time Malware Detection allows customers to get ‘zero minute’ updates to their Anti-Virus/Malware libraries to dramatically increase the effectiveness in deterring threats to their production environments. This element of our Threat Prevention solution takes advantage of cloud based URL/traffic filtering to provide real time access to the most comprehensive protection.
  • Improve WAN Quality and Application Performance in remote locations lacking high-quality WAN connectivity by deploying low cost, easy to implement, virtual WAN optimization appliances in these remote sites. The Forward Error Correction capabilities enable customers to significantly enhance application performance for remote users that suffer due to poor link quality and excessive packet loss. 
  • Consolidate your Data Center Footprint with the deployment of Wan Optimization in your WAN.   Wan Optimization allows the enterprise to comfortably increase the distance between nodes and remote work centers due to significantly improved line quality and increased virtual bandwidth enabled by wan optimization solutions.