USE CASE: Private Cloud Design and Deployment

The Customer

whiteboard_privatecloud_4.1Mid-sized company in the financial services industry. Employees spread across 3 locations including major offices in San Francisco (HQ) and New York, plus dozens of affiliated independent financial professional partners throughout the US. The company is experiencing rapid growth as it brings new customer facing applications to market as part of its repositioning efforts.

Pain Points

Problem: The customer’s aging, legacy data center infrastructure lacked the agility, performance and reliability to support the new go-to-market strategy: 

  • The existing data center infrastructure was an antiquated collection of systems from disparate vendors that could no longer effectively support the existing and new customer applications.
  • Many components were over 5 years old and out-of-support.
  • The IT staff has been reduced to two people with no plans for headcount expansion; the many silos of expertise required to maintain the legacy infrastructure were taxing the team’s ability to adequately manage it.
  • The resiliency of the legacy infrastructure was insufficient to meet executive and regulatory mandated “up time”  requirements; there were many single-points-of-failure and it lacked disaster recovery capabilities.
  • The backup process was highly manual and lacked sufficient regularity to meet the recovery point objectives of the organization.

Business Value

  • Higher productivity; 200% improvement in application performance.
  • Faster time-to-market; applications deployed in minutes versus days.
  • Data-loss risk reduced; backup recovery points improved to 48x per day versus once daily.

Solution Design

Solution:  Implement a Virtual Data Center Infrastructure that Delivers the “Private Cloud”

  • The NuSpective team collaborated with the IT Leadership and the CFO to architect a unified Virtual Data Center solution. The recommended design was FlexPod, the pre-validated reference architecture that features a VMware Hypervisor, Cisco UCS Compute and Nexus Virtual Switching, and NetApp Storage Controllers.
  • FlexPod enables the customer to support existing workflows and provides expandability to satisfy the performance requirements of their new applications and expected growth.
  • Additionally, we designed a mirrored stack to be deployed in the New York facility to provide Disaster Recovery capabilities as well as serve local needs for the New York based users. 
  • FlexPod delivers “Private Cloud” functionality including:
    • Agility – Customer can now spin up new virtual machines in minutes instead of days that were required with the legacy architecture
    • High Availability – Customer now has two layers of resiliency providing the requisite “up time” demanded by the business leadership; a high-availability configuration eliminating any single-points-of-failure, and a remote fully mirrored environment in the NY office that provides true Disaster Recovery
    • Scalability – the FlexPod Private Cloud infrastructure is sized appropriately for current workloads, but can be expanded on-demand to accommodate evolving business demands without service disruption
    • Manageability – the pre-certified design with unified backend support for the FlexPod architecture reduces the silos of expertise required of the IT team
    • Disk based backups are now automated and more efficient that previous manual-tape based process
    • The NuSpective solution included implementation and integration services from certified experts to ensure that it is configured to meet best-practices. We managed the successful implementation of this solution to the customer’s complete satisfaction.