USE CASE: Optimizing Applications across the WAN

The Customer

WANMid-sized company in the technology appliance industry. Over a nine-hundred employees, with partners and customers distributed globally. Company engineering teams in Silicon Valley (HQ), Denmark, France, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada and Japan.

Pain Points

  • Problem:  Slow Application Performance and File Transfers Across the WAN were Hindering Productivity:  
    • All Customer sites are connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections over the Internet – VPN connections varied from 100 Mbps at HQ to 6 – 10 Mbps at remote sites.  Customer was experiencing high latency (between 90ms and 300ms depending on location) and packet loss (particularly to Asian and France sites) on their WAN links.
    • Simple File Transfers – key to core collaborative Engineering workloads – were unacceptably slow causing skilled employees to wait multiple times each day for transfers to complete
    • “Dirty Links” – particularly to their Taiwan, Viet-Nam, and France sites, suffered even greater performance delays as packet loss necessitated retransmissions and particularly affected real-time Oracle database transactions
    • Customer contemplated replacing the VPN network with MPLS to address problems, but this would mean a dramatically higher monthly bill from their WAN carrier

Business Value

  • Improved productivity; remote engineer teams able to access key files 16x faster across the WAN.
  • Improved engineering talent retention; 70% reduction in application performance-related complaints.
  • Fiscal responsible investment; 12 month ROI realized with cost avoidance of upgrading WAN to MPLS.

Solution Design

Solution:  Implement a three phased deployment of WAN Optimization Appliances

We discussed various approaches to solving the customer’s problem, ultimately recommending the implementation of WAN Optimization solutions at all of their key sites. Together with our Partner, Silver-Peak, NuSpective engineered a phased rollout of WAN Optimization appliances tailored for the specific VPN link size at each site. The first phase was a Proof of Concept (POC) to clearly demonstrate the efficacy of the solution to their particular applications and environment.

Problems Solved: 

  • POC demonstrated a typical 25 MB FTP file transfer (file types – bin/pdf/rtf/arc) transfer time improved 16x; non-optimized transfers took 165 seconds and the same transfer, once optimized by Silver-Peak, took less than 10 seconds
  • Using the Forward Error Correction feature – the Silver-Peak appliance mitigated the effect of packet-loss for the links to Vietnam; this improved both FTP and Oracle application performance in excess of 10X

Benefits Added:

  • Customer’s key engineering staff is no longer ‘bottlenecked’ by File Transfer delay and poor performance of remote applications and Oracle database improving productivity
  • Customer addressed problem of unacceptable performance of VPN “dirty links” to Vietnam and other international locations without having to invest in  a more expensive MPLS network
  • NuSpective oversaw the completion of the POC and provided the wrap-around Professional Services that ensured a successful and timely completion of the three phased rollout of the solution into production.